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Self Portraits


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we want your self portraits!
Welcome to the community for self-portraits!
Everyone is highly encouraged to post creative images of themselves.

PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL TO ALL MEMBERS HERE. NO NEED TO BE RUDE IF YOU DON'T LIKE SOMEONES PHOTO! FLAME WARS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. constructive criticism is ok just not insulting rudeness for the sake of "winning" a game or something. thanks.

if any member is being rude or harrassing another member i will ban the rude person from this community.
thanks for being respectful to others here. most members are wonderful. please email me if you need me to delete or ban anyone who is being cruel or disrespectful or mean or breaking rules.
kringgoddess at yahoo dot com

This community was born on January 23, 2002.

Main Entry: self-por·trait
Pronunciation: -'pOr-tr&t, -'por-, -"trAt
Function: noun
Date: 1831
: a portrait of oneself done by oneself

Self-portraits are not just a reflection of what they look like but also of how the artist interprets themselves and the world around them. It is perhaps the most personal story that the artist can tell and makes the self-portrait one of art's most important subjects.

-If you don't know how to post a picture, look here.
- No text only posts.
- Keep images under 800PX (anything larger needs to be under a cut)

here is how you do a cut:
- No cheap shots or vulgar commenting- please treat each other with respect.
- NO PICTURES TAKEN BY ANYONE OTHER THAN YOURSELF OF YOURSELF OR a painting/sculpture you did of yourself.
- NO EXPLICIT NUDITY PLEASE keep it subtle and artistic. posts with clear nudity need to be marked as containing "Adult Concepts" or "Explicit Adult Content", depending, when posted. Those options are on the drop down list for "Adult Content" when you go to post a new entry. put it under a cut tag if you are unsure or ask me. (i personally think nudity is fine but i don't wanna deal with any drama here from those who are offended by the naked body and i don't wanna have to label ourselves "adult".)
-due to the large volume of members and posting please limit your posts to ONE PER DAY.
-when posting more than one photo put the rest under a cut

* if you are under 18 please never post any nudes of yourself.
* if you are 18+ and post nudes please put them under a cut with a warning and also please post them as "adult" if they are fine art nudes and if they are at all erotic please put them under the "explicit" adult category. thanks.


thanks. we can resolve things peacefully!***

Video Clips are acceptable as long as they have some artistic integrity involving no nudity or other persons other than the self-portrait artist. Clips must be deemed acceptable by the LJ rules of decency.

***if you see any spam or rule breaking in general tell me and i will delete it if necessary.


hi, i am the maintainer shannon. instead of adding more mods to this community can you please let me know any rule breaking you see and i will check once a day and delete anything that breaks rules!?

PLEASE email me

i recently had to delete some non self portrait pics. (thanks everyone who told me and sent me links to the rule breaking posts.)

photos of pets and of someone's cute baby i had to delete.

please only post photos YOU take of YOURSELF. others or your pet can be in the pic with you but please make sure it's mostly YOU and about you. feel free to add a link below your self portrait pic (as i have done) if you want us to see your pet or baby pics etc.

here's my self portrait:
more of my pics here of animals and landscapes etc:

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